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Our legal services encompass a wide spectrum that includes Dispute Resolution, Legal Consultation, Construction and Public Works Contracts, Privatization, Corporate Law, Intellectual Property Rights, Contracts and Registration procedures. Our dedicated lawyers possess abundant experience serving international and local clients.

  • Legal Consultations

    We offer our clients with consultations across several fields including Civil Law, Commercial Law, Commercial Agency Law, Investment Law, Maritime and Aviation Law, Banking Transactions, Commercial Companies, Tax Law, Social Security Law, Labour Law, Administrative Law and Telecommunications Law.

  • Dispute Resolution

    We represent numerous national and international companies involved in the trade, finance and investment sectors. We work on their behalf before all Libyan Courts as well as local and international tribunals.

    Our legal team has an enviable success rate in handling litigations, from high-stakes to high-profile actions suits as well as other complex litigations.

    We constantly strive towards resolving national and international disputes under institutional international arbitration rules as well as ad hoc arbitration. Our team is duly experienced in cases single-party, multi-party and class-action cases. Our meticulous research and advocacy facilitates our clients to go to trial and obtain favorable settlements.

  • Construction and Public Works Contracts

    Currently, the Libyan market is experiencing steady and massive increases within the construction and real estate industry. With projects that vary in nature, magnitude and value, the Construction and Property sector are important contributors to any economy. This field has major stakeholders like investment banks, developers, government agencies, contractors, all who require their interests to be protected. Our vast and comprehensive experience in the field of Construction and Public Works Contracts has helped our various clients during the course of their projects – from the foundation to completions stages.

    As part of our services, we evaluating commercial risks, engage in drafting, counseling and reviewing all general and specific clauses in numerous construction contracts. We are also involved in managing risks of government contracts. Our area of forte extends to legal consultation in respect to major, Turnkey Contracts and Re-measured Contracts. Our lawyers endeavor to keep remain informed on developing market trends and practices.

  • Privatization

    With our broad insight and experience with Privatization laws, we provide legal services in the privatization of various enterprises regardless of the sector. Our legal services involves drafting and preparing the due diligence contracts and reports; participating in negotiations especially concerning acquisition; and following the mandatory procedures for transferring entities from public to private sectors.

    In the recent past, Zahaf Law Firm embarked on the process and were involved in the privatization of Sahari Bank and Wehda Bank in Libya.

  • Corporate Law

    We offer all services related to company formation and the opening of new branches and/or representative offices for those corporations interested in having a presence in Libya. We also have widespread experience in preparing several types of interior regulations. These include Main Regulations, Safety Regulations, and Penalty Regulations for both national and international companies.

  • Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

    In today’s times, Intellectual Property has emerged as a very important commercial asset. Understanding IPR Laws is an essential reason for commercial houses to flourish in Libya. We collaborate with local and internationally specialized IPR firms to offer our clients the requisite legal services in order to protect and register the rights, including but not limited to, trademarks, copyrights, etc.

    We help undertake research; prepare and file applications; prosecute where applicable to enforce IP rights; arrange for transfer of titles; negotiate, draft and verify several licenses; draft franchise, distributorship and joint venture agreements.

    With our immense range of legal expertise to set up, enhance, secure and defend their IPR, our clients can be confident that we will diligently attempt to protect their rights.

  • Contracts and Procedures of Registration

    Entering Libyan Market requires an in-depth and thorough knowledge of all necessary legal procedures to contact with concerned entities in Libya. Our lawyers have the necessary contacts and communication skills for addressing various Libyan government authorities including the Tax Department, General People's Committee of Manpower and Social Security, Immigration Department. Our proficient legal team is remarkably organized and our processes ensure that all procedures are swiftly completed.

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