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Banking and Finance

Navigating the policies set around money transfers, especially overseas, can be tricky. In fact, clients in Libya face extra complications due to the strict policies set by the Central Bank of Libya (CBL). The attorneys at Zahaf & Partners Law Firm are well-versed in all financial matters and provide our clients with hassle-free legal banking & finance services.

 The firm provides a wide range of services in this field, including:
  • Debt settlements.

  • Advice on Central Bank of Libya guidelines and regulations.

  • Funds and investments.

  • Drafting and negotiating contracts that set the terms of financial agreements.

  • Providing legal consultancy to organizations that are involved in large financial transactions.



Zahaf & Partners Law Firm is a full-service independent law firm based in Tripoli, Libya.

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Capital Markets

Zahaf & Partners Law Firm is well-versed in all commercial and financial aspects of investment in Libya. Our lawyers are experts in the integrated nature of the capital markets and all the laws and regulations that govern them. The team works diligently to anticipate the needs of investors, understand their worries, and try to reduce the risks that they may encounter. 

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At both the national and international levels, Zahaf & Partners Law Firm actively aids a variety of commercial institutions in operating efficiently by overseeing the essential procedures and papers to verify the validity and accuracy of all business transactions.

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