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Blinkist provides the key insights from non-fiction books, articles and other content (for e.g., the "books-in-blinks" or “articles-in-blinks”, hereinafter jointly referred to as ”Platform Content”), which allow you to grasp their essence within a few minutes. Moreover, Blinkist may provide a personal profile to you, which you can fill with your preferred platform content and text markers as well as sorting this content into different categories and lists. In addition, you can purchase audiobooks and other premium audio content (“Audiobook Content”) on the Platform.

The extent of the platform Content and the options to use (the “License”) depend on the type of account you selected. There is a difference between a free account (see Section 3), a paid subscription (see Section 4) and a free trial (see Section 5) and a purchase of Audiobook Content (see Section 6). In terms of duration, the license is limited to the validity period of the free account / paid subscription / free trial, however, in case of a purchase of Audiobook Content availability in your account will be, subject to Section 6, unlimited.

The rights to Blinkist's service and the content distributed through the service are and will remain with Blinkist and /or Blinkist's licensors. The Blinkist software applications and content are licensed to you within the scope of the contractual use. We only grant you a non-exclusive (simple), time-limited right to personal use of the Blinkist service and its contents (however, subject to Section 6, availability of purchased Audiobook Content will be unlimited in your account.



Zahaf & Partners Law Firm is a full-service independent law firm based in Tripoli, Libya.

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Dispute Resolution

Zahaf possesses extensive experience in resolving financial, commercial, and labor disputes. The firm's lawyers have represented numerous natural and legal persons, as well as local and international corporations with significant commercial reputation. The firm team helps clients avoid and resolve disputes by providing practical and efficient legal advisory that is compatible with their Stategic business goals.

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Banking and Finance

Banking and finance laws cover every operation that occurs in banks and other financial institutions, Zahaf law firm attorneys are well capable of dealing with all financial issues, the firm offers a broad range of services in this area

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